A New Chapter

This past few days has been some sort of a blur. I just recently accepted a new job at a different industry which I am super excited about. But at the same time, I am nervous about learning and adapting to a new setting. My previous job was at a financial institution doing mainly the typical banking stuff like teller work, open new accounts, audits, etc.

Fresh from college, I took various job until I landed a temporary position at a credit union which soon became full-time. I have been there for nearly 3 years. It was not until last Christmas when it finally hit me, I am not exactly happy working there. Don’t get me wrong, I love the people that I worked with. They are like family. However, there are pros and cons with dealing with customer services. There are members (aka customers) who come in and make your day. You know, the kind that you’ll see most often in which you know about their family and children–the type of people who are part of the community. And there are those who come in with a big load of negativity and take it out on the workers. It is sad to say, a happy member adds 1 star to your day whilst the negative one minus 2 stars. Turning a frustrated member to a satisfied one can be challenging, but that’s not very common; that is usually a +2 when that happens. And at the end of the day, it can be very exhausting. Despite this, my patience and my communication skills has improved significantly. Not everyone comes in and know banking terms, so you have to learn how to communicate clearly in terms that a non-banker will understand. And that’s when patience comes into play.

I have to thank my parents though for pushing me to try job hunting. I was not exactly ready to try looking somewhere else. I was used to all the programs and tasks at my previous job, so the thought of jumping from one pond to another different pond was very daunting! What if I suck at my new job? What if I fail?! And then I realized that I can’t spread my wings if I let my fear hold me back. Life is short, so don’t let the “what-if” be your proverbial downfall.

Saying goodbyes is tough especially to those you get along well at work. But life moves on and a new adventure awaits.


3 thoughts on “A New Chapter

  1. Good for you for spreading your wings and pushing beyond your comfort zone! Maybe this will help you when you’re afraid to fail. F.A.I.L. stands for First Attempt in Learning. Those who do well in life understand that failure happens to all of us, and its not about failing but what you learned from it and how you used that knowledge to propel you forward. Proud of you! More importantly, I hope you’re proud of yourself and your eagerness to accept and understand your own personal growth. Lots of love!

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